Certifications & Renewals

It is a policy under the Skills Development Act that any operator willing to renew his/her certificate needs to undergo a Refresher training. This is because the same Act stipulates that an Operator’s certificate/Licence must only be valid for Two years.
The refresher training will be a MUST if the certificate has expired 90 days or longer.
Refresher training is done in a day or two depending on the skill level of the operator. This is normally based on how long the operator has been in active application of the “skill” for which the certificate/licence is being renewed.
The cost of Certificate/licence renewal is far less than that of the full training and will vary from one skill-set to the other.
An Operator card must also be issued to the Operator as he/she must carry it all the time when operating the machine.
Please inquire today on how much it will cost you/your employees to have a refresher training.
Although this policy only applys to The Republic of South Africa, many countries most especially in the Southern Africa have started adopting it because it upholds the competence of the employees.