We would like to take this opportunity to thank you
so much for entrusting us as one of the best service providers in as far
as Machine Operations training, Mine related training and construction
related training is concerned.


WELCOME TO MATOVU SKILLS TRAINING COLLEGE We would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for entrusting us as one of the best service providers in as far as Machine Operations training, Mine related training and construction related training is concerned


About Us
Welcome to Matovu Skills Training Center's website

as we are dedicated training providers in the mining operator and safety courses.

We are a private restored company and accredited by SETAs like TETA, HWSETA and department of labour. With four years experience in this industry, has helped us train more than 1000 learners, 50 private companies and government institutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of mining operator courses and safety courses.
We are a training Provider who specialize in training the general public on how to safety operate Lifting machines/equipments such as Forklifts, Mobile Crane, Gantry cranes, Truck Mounted Cranes, Telehandler, Reach Stacker, Reach Truck, Over-head Crane, Tower cranes etc.

We also train in Earth moving operations such as the training of TLB (Tractor Backhoe Loader), Excavator, Graders, Dump Truck, Rollers, Bob Cat, water tanks, etc

Drill Rigging, LHD Scoops, Underground support technicians, Safety officers, Fitter and Turners.

We also have other courses such as Firefighting, Safety officers, Diesel Mechanics, Safety Representatives, Occupational health and safety, First Aid.

We are so proud of having trained hundreds of students from across the whole continent, from Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and the number continues to grow every day.Services Provided
plumbing services, forklift training, fire fighting training, first aid training, first aid training courses, boiler making training, electrical training, tlb training, audio visual equipment, occupational health and safety training, chain saws, welding schools, scaffolding, bricklaying services, grader training, forklift training colleges, , safety officer.

Assessment Center
We are also registered as an Assessment Center. This enables us to offer refresher training. This is a training required to evaluate and assess the competence and production levels of an individual who already has prior skills in a particular field/operation.
For Certificate renewals, and for certifying those who have never received any certificate but have years of experience in operating the machines, we can assess you and certify you.
Training Provided
We have lots of training. With picture illustrations, you can find a list of our training on the main page [Home Page]. From the [Services] page, you will find an explained list of the courses we offer. Our training do not aim at providing the skills needed for one to operate a machine. We also look at training people on managerial and administrative officers to work in the highly demanding mining and construction industry


  • 19 dada house, corner landros mare street and grobler Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa
  • P.o.Box 859 Doornspruit,0759 Polokwane



Eastern Cape , Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal ,Limpopo, Mpumalanga, ,North West Northern Cape ,Western Cape

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To be a pioneering education, training and development service provider committed to national and international skills development initiatives to support local, regional and worldwide skills development needs for all our clients.


  • To provide high quality education of knowledge that is socially and ethically relevant to the wider community. The Institute will research, develop, implement and facilitate various learning programmes that are comparable with international high standards to enlarge the skills base of the current and future workforce to develop universal and specialised skills.
  • It will do this through the promotion and implementation of the National Qualifications Framework and skills planning thereby creating a highly skilled workforce that will contribute to workplace productivity, security, increased business viability and employment growth.
Strategic objectives
  • To provide equal access to educational opportunities to all learners.
  • To provide quality education and training that complies with National and Provincial mandates.
  • To ensure high performance and quality service delivery.
  • To ensure good corporate governance.
  • To develop a comprehensive support system

At Matovu Skills Training, we commit ourselves to:

  1. Transparency and fair conduct.
  2. Honesty and integrity.
  3. Make sure that our learners (customers) come first. We care for our clients.
  4. Influencing and Motivating through inspiration.
  5. Honouring deadlines (Time management).
  6. Promoting equality amongst all our stakeholders by creating an atmosphere of team spirit.
  7. A developmental approach to our work within the field of training and skills development.
  8. Striving for continuous improvement and promote growth to one another


Certifications & Renewals

It is a policy under the Skills Development Act that any operator willing to renew his/her certificate needs to undergo a Refresher training. This is because the same Act stipulates that an Operator’s certificate/Licence must only be valid for Two years.
The refresher training will be a MUST if the certificate has expired 90 days or longer.
Refresher training is done in a day or two depending on the skill level of the operator. This is normally based on how long the operator has been in active application of the “skill” for which the certificate/licence is being renewed.
The cost of Certificate/licence renewal is far less than that of the full training and will vary from one skill-set to the other.
An Operator card must also be issued to the Operator as he/she must carry it all the time when operating the machine.
Please inquire today on how much it will cost you/your employees to have a refresher training.
Although this policy only applys to The Republic of South Africa, many countries most especially in the Southern Africa have started adopting it because it upholds the competence of the employees.